Naval Design

Beautiful Designs, 
Efficient to Build, 
Extraordinary to Operate

Our Design Capabilities Include:

Our expertise also can be leveraged for solutions for specific stages in the design and construction process. It’s that beginning-to-end customization that sets us apart from others in the industry.
  • Preliminary/conceptual design
  • Shipyard bid packages
  • Contract/functional design
  • Detail/production design
  • Alternative propulsion systems including LNG, diesel electric and battery hybrid systems

Modification Capabilities:

Our skilled teams also help you increase the performance of your existing vessels when you are updating or converting. We can provide you with a modification package that ensures your vessels meet and exceed regulatory and class requirements.
  • Hull modifications to increase efficiency and cargo capabilities 
  • Structural modifications 
  • Service modifications and upgrades
  • Mechanical and electrical upgrades
Embracing the benefits that new technology brings, we have extensive experience in utilising the latest software to create automotive quality 3D surfaces, Collaborative Project Management and Virtual reality visualisation
The addition of Oculus Rift technology to our extensive 3D modelling capabilities enables realistic walks through yachts very early in the design process, allowing clear reviews of volumes, heights, sight lines, stairs and more - opening new capabilities to evaluate design for production, potentially reducing assembly and manufacturing hours.
We don't build floating architecture! We design sea-going yachts with stylish exteriors and interiors in well designed and engineered hull forms that perform well and safely on the water